Requests for Application and Request for Information for the Medicare Advantage Value-Based Insurance Design Model: Innovating to Meet Person-Centered Needs

Relevant to: MAOs

Today, CMS released the Requests for Applications (RFA) for the Calendar Year (CY) 2025 Value-Based Insurance Design (VBID) Model, including the separate CY 2025 RFA for the Hospice Benefit Component of the VBID Model. Though there are two RFAs for these
components, there is a single application for the VBID Model.

Accompanying the RFA is the CY 2025 VBID Model Request for Information (RFI) and the Area Deprivation Index (ADI) Databook. The RFI covers two topical areas: (1) ways to advance health equity in MA through benefit design; and 2) network standards to expand access to higher quality hospice care through the VBID Model’s Hospice Benefit Component. The ADI Databook is a useful resource for MA Organizations (MAOs) considering targeting enrollees by place of residence in the most underserved ADI areas. The ADI Databook is a static reference file showing the overlap between each MAO’s service areas and ADI in CY 2023.

See the full guidance for more information.