Public Posting of Medicare Part D Retail Pharmacy Network Access Results Q2 2024

Relevant to: Medicare Part D Plan Sponsors, Excluding PACE and Employer-Only Plans 

This memorandum announces the public release of the Medicare Part D retail pharmacy network access results for Quarter 2 of 2024. This release includes the results of our review to ensure Part D plans provide convenient access to retail pharmacies in their pharmacy networks as required at 42 CFR § 423.120(a)(1). 

Results are provided for: 

• All Part D plans at the plan benefit package level, excluding PACE organizations and plans that offer employer-only coverage. 

• A plan’s entire network (standard and preferred cost-sharing pharmacies), and the subset of preferred cost-sharing pharmacies for plans offering that pharmacy network structure. 

CMS will post results quarterly on the Prescription Drug Coverage Contracting website,, in the “Downloads” section in a zip file named, “Medicare Part D Retail Pharmacy Network Access 2024.” The zip file will contain each quarter’s data, technical notes describing the data sources and links to publicly available data. 

Questions regarding the results may be directed to 

See the full guidance for more information.