New pharmacy benefits manager, Grane PBM, offers PACE organizations robust analytics, regulatory support for cost-savings and enhanced participant outcomes

PITTSBURGH , June 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Grane PBM, a Pharmacy Benefits Manager, is pleased to be the newest offering for PACE organizations throughout the United States, specifically built to bolster the vitality of these programs and support the overall well-being of their participants. Through the provision of meaningful data, compliance support, and access to extensive discounts, Grane PBM allows PACE organizations to enjoy cost-effective and robust Pharmacy Benefits Management backed by extensive experience and industry-leading operational expertise.

PACE Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Grane PBM provides comprehensive Part D administration services for PACE organizations, supported in part through its real-time analytics platform. Allowing for smarter prescribing, this platform aggregates claims data with financial forecasts, the performance of the formulary and its rebates, and other outcomes data to ensure the most clinically appropriate therapies are delivered at the greatest cost savings.

“The role of PBM services in PACE organizations is becoming increasingly more important and complex,” said John Baker, Senior Vice President, Grane PBM. “That’s where Grane PBM comes in, we know the PACE landscape, and are able to provide accurate claims adjudication you can count on.”

“Grane PBM has been great to work with – not only because of their prompt service, but also because of their ability to make our pharmacy data immediately accessible,” said Mark Irwin, Chief Operating Officer at Senior LIFE of Pennsylvania. “It’s this quick turnaround that sets them apart – and makes them the ideal – if not only – choice for supporting our PACE program at Senior LIFE.”

Grane PBM is a proud member of the National PACE Association (NPA). Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE®) is a comprehensive, fully integrated, provider-based health plan for those who require a nursing home level of care. NPA advocates to advance the efforts of PACE so older individuals can continue living in their community.

Organizations looking for comprehensive support managing their formularies and navigating regulatory requirements should consider Grane PBM for their benefits management. Email to learn more.

About Grane PBM

Grane PBM is a full-service pharmacy benefits manager dedicated to serving the PACE Industry. Backed by one of the largest pharmacy claims processing systems for PACE, Grane PBM works with PACE organizations to ensure they are in compliance with all regulatory and reporting requirements. Grane PBM provides customized services that are transparent and establish trust.

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